Part 2 of our day at the historical park for pumpkin festival. I always enjoy this house - something about it is so gracious and inviting. That, and it provides shade (and sometimes music) on what is each and every year an unseasonably hot day in early fall.
 The sugar-cookie cabin is always a priority stop. Cookies made from scratch, and served straight out of the wood oven, if your timing is good. 
We had a woodstove almost identical to this on our ranch when I was small, so the nostalgia factor is strong.

 There are always wandering volunteers in period costume, and they always have good stories to tell. It's important to seek them out and make contact.
 I was particularly fond of the place where Q was able to learn how to do laundry by hand (more or less). I used to do my laundry like this, both at the ranch, and when I lived in central Mexico (where we did our hand laundry on the roof) as a teenager.

 Hoops, sticks, and stilts.
 Call me old-fashioned, but I love that they have hand-pumps all over the property here for water. I well remember the cool, clear, clean water we drew from out pump on the ranch (at great physical expense each time, since the pump always needed some serious priming!)

 Q seemed right at home with the pioneer-era games...which makes me wonder why on earth we have SO many toys and electronics??
 Q and daddy posing.
 Visiting the smithies and draft horses.


Michele said...

Really cool place. Looks like you had a blast.

Yoli said...

Beautiful place and images.