Part 1 of our trip to the Four Mile Historical Park pumpkin festival. 
Q was just two days out of her latest surgery, and as you can see in these first photos, she was still feeling a bit groggy and weak. 
 It's difficult to know how to dress for the days this time of year in Colorado, because the early mornings are chill, melting gradually into warmth, and then into sweaty heat in the broad sun of the afternoons. Here, she is walking out into the morning in a sleeveless faux-fur coat by Suvi Ainoa over a jersey blouse by L'Atelier de Marie et Rose-Alice, gold lamé leggings by American Apparel, and dinosaur sneakers by Converse.
 By the time we made it to the historical park, and found a place to park (a challenge each and every year!) the heat was setting in, and shade was at a premium.
 Q loves her scarecrows. It's a factor of her Wizard-of-Oz obsession. The TinMan is her favorite, followed closely by the Scarecrow. In her inner monologue, she is the TinMan, I am Dorothy, and her daddy is the ScareCrow. That said, this year she departed from her pattern and decided to be the Wicked Witch for Halloween. I give her a lot of credit for that decision.
 Wagons and draft horses.
 This year for the first time Q was ready to make her own scarecrow. She was very serious about her sartorial choices, and spent a long time pouring over the wardrobe section so as to choose just the right shirt and pants.
 Drawing on the face and selecting a hat.
 Creating an armature, and beginning the stuffing process.
 Teamwork is essential during this stage of the process.
 Q ducked out from time to time to navigate the straw bales, an irresistible temptation for a four-year-old.
 We had to call her back for the momentous occasion of stuffing and attaching the head.
 Q took this picture (which I love) of Mike and I looking ever-so relaxed and relieved after making it through Q's final surgery of the summer.
Finishing, hugging and tagging her scarecrow.


Marie cdp said...

L' Amérique qui fait rêver!

RDYN! said...

Aww, this post is so sweet. I'm happy to see Q smiling after her surgery as well as her in pigtails. IT's adorable. Her scarecrow looks great.

I wish yu the best :)

Stacie said...


It has been so long since i have posted or read ANY blogs.... i am such an all or nothing. Q is growing into such a stunning beauty. Belated bday and get well wishes! we rec'd our referral for our second! z is beyond excited....hope to travel in about 6 months...check out my blog...the referral photo is to die for!

Jeanne-ming said...

those first two portraits of Q are stunning. So grown up.
I love the pigtails, the door....

from Tokyo---

Yoli said...

Maia, stunning. Yanyan's coat, perfection.

Milica Lubardic said...

i love how you guys always have fun at doing something! Q is sooo brave, i admire her!
everything best

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful day you had and the relaxed feeling does show.What a summer you had,, lots of adventures with the surgery in the middle..She looks wonderful, such a happy content child, but one so filled with curiousity.I think she's very tall for her age,, wow she's growing,,

kitchu said...

what a lot of fun. Q is full of magic and seems to create it wherever she goes :)