My girl. 
She makes me so proud. 
She is obviously not of my gene pool, and what she is is so different, and so amazing!
At her age, I was shy, introverted, dreamy, and self-protective. She is extroverted, social, stubborn, organized, determined, independent and smart.
 She loved school from the get-go. 
This is her first year in preschool (at age four) because I wasn't ready to give her up last year. But she is an eager and willing student. She started out in half-day preschool five days a week, but quickly transitioned to full-day as soon as a space became available. She now goes to school five days a week from 7:45 am to 2:40 pm. 
Whenever we peek in at her during class, she is front-and-center, raising her hand every time her teacher poses a question.
She wakes in the morning bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to head off to school. She adores both her teacher and her teacher's assistant, and lives to please them. 

Tonight, in spite of having missed out on her after-school nap (she runs in high gear, and still needs an hour or two of nap every day) she wanted to practice her letters and exercises for an hour before bedtime, instead of watching a movie. Instead! I kid you not. Of her own accord. 

She makes a mommy so, so proud. 
I am still amazed that it is my great privilege to raise, protect and nourish this astonishing child until it is time for us to send her out into the world. 
I still wish I could tell her birth parents what an amazing child she has turned out to be.
What good fortune I have had in this life. 
What did I do to deserve this child?


Yanyan said...

Ohhh Q! What more to say! Big hugs.

Juniper said...

Its such a joy when our children blossom in the school arena,especially when it is of their own will and drive. Little D sounds very much the same as Q, if you lived closer I think they would get on very well! Front center- bright eyed and eager to please the teacher- asking for homework- yep- thats exactly what we are seeing here. Long may it continue!

Kenza said...

Oh I am amazed! Lovely bright child! She illuminates your life as well as ours. Thank you sweet Maya for sharing, thank you.

alliot + iza said...

I enjoy so much these pictures!
Q's way to minimize the effort in writing the"U"s amazed me. So clever! :)
Dear Maia, you both deserve Q, and Q deserves to have you two. You are a sweet mom.

Petit said...

Datteren din er nydelig og FLINK.

Alyson and Ford said...

Isn't it wonderful to see our daughters bloom and learn? Yours is a smart one!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Yoli said...

Sally is like her in her studies and C is like you. What an honor it is and indeed a priviledge, to raise our children. Like you, I want to tell their parents how wonderful they are, and how much they are loved.

Evelyne said...

C'est l'âge de mes élèves...mais les miens ne travaillent pas autant, ils préfèrent jouer !

Amélie said...

Oh I love this post! Full of love joy and pride. Q is a ray of sunshine!

FDChief said...

Like I said on FB; she's about where Maxine is...and Max is a full year older. Your little one is some sort of cryptogenius...

But. You knew that.

Anonymous said...

I beleive it was meant to be, you having Q for your chosen child,, she is very clever and you and your husband are justthe perfect parents to raise such a smart child,, you encourage her to be her, its a beautiful arrangement, give and take,, isn't life wonderful when we just let it happen and follow our hearts.

Unknown said...

Oh what a beautiful Mommy you are! I love reading your descriptions of your Q -- it's so obvious how much you not only love her, but how much you SEE her. I have a little 2 year old girl that I feel the same way about. It's a privilege to be a Mommy isn't it?
Thanks for sharing

Jeanne-ming Brantingham said...

You too deserve each other. Lucky You, Lucky Q!
Your were both born for this time together.