I just discovered that my phone is overrun with photos, so I decided to do a phone-photo-post tonight, and purge the backlog.
This is Q in the Anais & I top that I illustrated,
 Our one and only cat, Sawyer.
 Q painting her nails.
 With her own chosen Halloween costume.
Last year, she wanted to be Foofa from Yo Gabba Gabba. This year, she wanted to be a character from The Wizard of Oz. Initially, she wanted to be the tinman. But at the moment of truth, she decided to be the wicked witch. While other girls her age are dressing up as princesses for Halloween, it makes me very proud to know that my girl decided, without any outside influence, to be the witch.
 Mathilda and a bank of autumn flowers.
 Me and Rollergirl.
 Q using a vintage typewriter ( to think for her it's an artifact of a bygone age!) for the first time at the bookstore.
 My first attempt at Q pancakes (I have since become much more proficient).
 Q with the scarecrow she made at the pumpkin festival.

 Our last surviving snail, "Gary", atop the Squidward house in our fishtank.
 Q and I decided to do temporary tattoos while Daddy was at work tonight.


Evelyne said...

Des recherches sur l'écriture très inté vais encourager mes élèves à faire de même.

kenza said...

Oh I love them all! Especially the witch! And yes you should be proud!
Funny we also did some tatoos well sort of with henna on the hands this week end!

Anonymous said...

beautiful, I love it when you do such a combo of photos,, you both look well and happy, very happy.Beautiful cat, handsom dog, the snail, well I couldn't see but I really enjoyed this today.Best wishes to Q. (my fav was the tatts) very nice,

Yoli said...

Adorable!!! Love these images and the temporary tats.

mp said...

J'aime vraiment beaucoup les toutes dernières photos.