Autumn in the park with Q.
 I have been working so hard and so long that I've lost track, just a bit, of time on the blog.
 This set was taken by my husband on a recent day in the park - though, obviously, before I got my hair chopped off. 
Drastic chopping of hair causes a singular problem in the blogosphere, because one is for a time no longer able to get away with posting out of sequence.
 My old hair. I don't miss it. I may never grow my hair again. I love waking in the morning and having to do nothing but finger-comb my hair and shove some sunglasses into it if it looks a bit unkempt. It's almost like boy-hair now, and I love that.
 Q in the  unnatural moonscape of our drained lake...being prepared for its new incarnation (complete with a new pelican island, so I hear) next spring.

I love early autumn.


kenza said...

You both look beautiful and so serene! Lovely!

Little Lou said...

Je découvre votre blog et j'aime beaucoup ! Cette petite fille est si jolie !!

Amélie said...

What a beautiful series of pictures. Love the autumn lights in the park.

kitchu said...

so much joy. this is all that i see.

Anonymous said...

A run in the park and a low autumn sun, looks beautiful. And so does little Q - she's adorable!
Lovely week,
Lilli (in Norway)