The weather this early spring has been so very warm, so deceptively, irrationally warm, that it's sometimes startling to see that no flowers yet bloom on the trees, that only the very first hint of green buds are peeking out on the very earliest trees, and that nothing has yet dared bloom in the gardens save a few crocuses. March is known to be the snowiest month in Colorado, and typically the ski resorts depend on it, but you wouldn't know it here in Denver this year.
 Because of the unusually warm weather, we have already spent numerous days down by the confluence of the rivers, wading and sunbathing and collecting pebbles.  I'd venture to say that Q is already getting a suntan.
 And I mean....how frickin' cute is this little sun suit? Who would've guessed that Q would be wearing it so soon. This is from the spring/summer collection at Anais & I
I illustrate for Jane, the designer at Anais & I, and I also consider her a friend, but it reflects no prejudice when I say that I just adore her designs. Each and every piece we've ordered is just so perfect on Q...so easy to wear, so perfectly designed, so effortlessly chic - and this one might be the best one yet!
The bag, btw, was made by Cara at Made In Mommy. Q has a lot of bags, but this is her favorite beach bag.

 Isn't she just a little water nymph?
 I think that there is no more soothing form of meditation on a warm spring afternoon than sitting on a rock and watching children play in the water.

 Writing on the air.
 Long legs, both of us.
 Of course, this IS Colorado, so there's usually something like this going on nearby.
 Pretty pretty girl. 
When I say that, she says, "No! Not pretty. Just Q."


Yoli said...

This whole shoot should be on some editorial on a magazine like Papier Mache. Just gorgeous.

Flotsam Friends said...

Q Q Q Q you are so adorable!! Yes, I think she should be the poster child for 'Anais & I'. Love all your shots as usual. I too agree, water, sand, sun & fun and a carefree time. Child perfection. Pruxxx

Jeanne-ming said...

Yes, the sun suit is adorable. and so is Q

Knoopjes said...

Just pretty Q! She looks beautiful in her little beachsuit, long legs & all!

Mlle Paradis said...

is it "normal" for a grown up to have a little girl as a style icon? i want to rush out and make myself a sunsuit just like that!

the amusement park pics were great. thanks for the comments over at p.p. maybe when you have to face up to very serious things young in life it makes you especially sensitve to others' difficulties.

kenza said...

OK "just Q"-- I love it!

kitchu said...

a little girl who already knows who she is... amazing girl.

Cara said...

The Anais & I sunsuit is sooooo chic on her. Ethereal.
Cool bag :)))

ChantaleP said...

Lol! No not pretty just Q.. I love that! Oh yes, she is so very very pretty.. I love her joie de vivre.. I love her little face.. so cute! And those clothes.. I can't believe she is wearing that already! I'll just be patient and wait for warmer days to hit our part of the world. and I do mean I'm being v e r y patient. ;p