No...sleep...til Brooklyn!
 We always look forward to our forays into Brooklyn when we're in town, though usually there is not quite this much snow!
btw I love the "coolcat" grafitti in this shot, since - dorkily - my nickname for Q is "koolkat".
 But no one looks forward to Brooklyn quite as fervently as Q, since Brooklyn usually means a visit to our illustrator-friend Megan, which for her means a much-anticipated session with her favorite little Australian terrier Ruby, star of the beloved BowWow series of books.
(But I'll save that visit for a future post, since I have many pictures to edit there)
 We stopped into Crif Dogs for a couple of restorative hot dogs wrapped in bacon, and a rousing game of Moon Patrol.
 Waiting on the corner for my NY BFF Carol, who was coming over from the Boardwalk Empire set to meet us.
It was cold, but we were having a good day.
Afterward, we spent a chilly evening roaming Tribeca with Carol, though sadly I have no photos, since my camera was acting up too badly for night shots.
Thanks to Carol for rescuing us from the cold with her big, warm van!


Yoli said...

Beautiful setting and Maia, your boots are so stunning.

kenza said...

I hope all went well at the hospital. Kisses to all and have a lovely restful weekend.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Thanks, Kenza - it was a long day, but information is always calming in its own way, so I am feeling just a bit better today.