My intrepid adventurer.
Is it me, or does she take after my mother?
 Here she is, scaling the free-climbing rock at REI...yes, in a dress, and rubber sandals.
Does this make me a bad mother?
 Sure, I used to stand under her with both hands hovering an inch from her posterior. But these days, she is so very independent and sure-footed. 
"No, mommy!" she says, pointing to the curb, "You stay riiiiight there! I do it ALL BY."
 And clearly, she can do it "all by". And then some.
 It's only a matter of time before I'm obsolete, like last year's iPhone. 
Because, as anyone can see, there she is, all the way up there, all by herself in her dress and sandals - with no help whatsoever from me.
 In my defense, the reason she was wearing a dress and rubber sandals is that we were on our way to the confluence to do some pre-season wading.
 Which we proceeded to do. 
Or, more accurately, she proceeded to do. Since I, after all, am merely the woman behind the camera.
 Oh, yes, she is very near to being launched into the world on her own.
Near...but I still have a few years left. A few precious, priceless years. 
Just let me enjoy them, please!


alexandra said...

And after, it says that dresses prevent small girls to climb and play! ;o))

ChantaleP said...

Already summer weather?? So lucky! I love her dress and her fearlessness. Don't worry Maman, she will need and love you forever!

Ling Chan said...

Q's like a little monkey! an adventurous one at that.

i wouldn't fear, she'll always need her mom :)

ChantaleP said...

Hey, I just saw Q on Pirouette! Great interview post! She is as unique as ever.... And you are one sweet Maman!

miss k said...

chouette robe, pour une jolie casse cou.
Yes, Enjoy, thoses moments are so precious!
A bientôt
Ps : Hum, do you speak french?

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Miss K, I do speak French a bit - my mother grew up in France before coming to the US and we spent a lot of time there when I was a child. I can easily read and am always happy to see people comment in French! I will usually reply in English, though, since I don't write well in French, especially without the proper accents on my keyboard!

MondaysMilk said...

Ooo I like that dress! A bit like the nani IRO pocho fabrics. Beauty in simplicity. Wow! Rozalinde

Yoli said...

Sigh...she takes after both of you. That child can work the camera like no other. Thank you for sharing her.

Cara said...

She is just so cool! Lpve little climbers.