A cold winter's day in NY's Chinatown. Look at those eyes!

btw I need to give my husband a break and let you know that that's Q's pink polkadot scarf he's wearing, not an item of his own choosing. He's not the sort of man who wears pink.
 Hand-pulled and knife-peeled noodles for lunch.
 If you look closely, you can just see them making the noodles in the tiny kitchen.
Yes, I am missing NY a bit today...if not for the weather, then for the noodles, and the company ;)


Wonderland said...

I miss NY too... These are great photos, she is beautiful!
Have a great day!

ChantaleP said...

Love love love your photos here! I so miss nyc too. Ah pauvre Papa! Did he have to carry her a lot? But then, she's worth it. lol. Yes, those eyes.. like magic!