A few, very random things on a busy and blustery spring day. 
First, this week Q wants to wear nothing but this "keroppi" (frog) dress that her LaoLao gave her.
Nevermind that it snowed a bit last night, and is more sweater-and-scarf weather than sundress weather at the moment. Nevermind that LaoLao gave this dress to her almost two years ago, and it is sized for a 2-year-old. It was designed to be an oversized dress, so since she's skinny she can just squeeze into it still, though it is now a micro-mini, and hardly decent.
 Also, Q had me design this cat for her yesterday. 
We saw a cat that bristled when we walked by with the dogs, and ever since there is nothing quite as hilarious to her as a bristling cat. 
So a bristling cat I made for her. 
She likes it so much that I may have to have it printed on a t-shirt for her.
In the mail came these "fragile" stickers that I ordered from a shop in Japan. 
I finally got tired of writing "fragile" all over my boxes when I ship them, and this was far and away my favorite design for a fragile sticker.
 When it came the packaging was so beautiful that I had to save it all, from the blue-patterned paper bag that held the stickers to the translucent paper tape with its Liberty-esque pattern of tiny flowers, to these gorgeous Beatrix Potter stamps, which I will save forever.
And finally, I belatedly ordered the first print issue of papier mache magazine, which is even more gorgeous in person that one might imagine it would be...I love everything about papier mache. 
And what a pleasure to see the ad I designed for Suvi Ainoa in the back, large as life!


Yanyan said...

Isn't it wonderful, the Papier Mache print issue, especially our ad :)

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

I think it looks spectacular, Yanyan! Just gorgeous. Even better since that skirt is STILL one of our alltime favorite pieces. This is going in my library for posterity ;)

Yoli said...

I saw it when I got my issue and loved it!

Q is rocking that dress.

MondaysMilk said...

How I love those stamps! Great skirt! Congrats! Rozalinde

CdP said...

Tes illustrations sont tellement belles Maia .. Tu dois etre fière!! Je t' embrasse

liza said...

The ad is fabulous!