Today, because the weather has been so splendid and I just can't contain myself anymore - I'm ITCHING for summer! - I'm going to post the first half of a long series of photos we took last summer at our local vintage amusement park.
 We had my husband's brother and sister-in-law and their three kids (now four!) in tow that day, which always makes for a long, lovely, laughing time about town.

 The cousins all together.

 Isacah and Q are so perfect for eachother - both little daredevils at heart. Look at the glee on those faces! They went on every ride in the joint.

 I love this oldschool shooting gallery.

 Q started out in the back of the boat...
 ....but quickly clambered over the seat back (highly illegal) to drive up front with Isacah.
 Are they not two little Bond girls in the making?

 This is how Q gets people's attention. She has always done this, even as a baby.

 Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!!!
Now all I can think of is amusement part season. Still more than a month away!


Evelyne said...

Une belle sortie en famille...Q a de la chance d'avoir autant de cousins !
Bon dimanche.

Lilouka pour JojO said...

Cette série de photos est très belle ,
les couleurs sont magnifiques *

Natalie Thiele said...

Darling crew!
Interesting that Q turns heads literally as well as figuratively. I have a friend who demands your eyes when she talks to you. If I am not looking at her when she speaks she swings her head into my line of vision so that I am looking at her, even if I forget to. She, too, has a very magnetic personality.

chrissie said...

Love these photos and miss this time so much!

Dominique K said...

couleurs, ambiance, moments magnifiquement captés que vous nous partagez, merci