My birthday present this year from my mother was a date night out with my husband. It has been such a stressful and tight month - both of us working so relentlessly - that, even with such a lovely gift in hand, waiting to be used, it has been difficult to find the time to use it.
But finally we found a night, a babysitter (Q's favorite from her babyhood who, much to our delight, returned from school with some time to spare) and managed to make it happen tonight. St. Patrick's day, and several weeks after my actual birthday, but a welcome respite nonetheless.  

 We vacillated as to where to spend our rare night out as a couple, but I was very eager to try something new, and trust my erstwhile chef to think of just the right thing. 
We shared our first meal at Bones, a new-ish spot in Denver which can maybe be described as a high-end Asian noodle shop, reinvented by way of Top Chef.
We are serious foodies (as you would expect from any family that includes an erstwhile pro), and as such, we had a hard time getting past the "firsts". The above photo is of the roasted bone marrow with fig beurre and toast points.
We also ordered the wakame salad (with thin slices of radish...light, fresh, SUPERB!) and the poke, since we are afraid that it might be some time before we are able to order tuna again.
After all those "firsts", we were shamed into splitting a main course. We shared the udon, which came with slow-roasted pork shoulder. The broth was amazing, and my poached egg came out (quite coincidentally) in the form of a heart. 

All told, a perfect date night!


Evelyne said...

J'ai raté ton anniversaire ! Désolée.
Vous êtes superbes tous les trois.
Bonne soirée.

FDChief said...

Awww...that's pretty sweet. Glad you had a lovely time. Nice!

Yoli said...

Maia I am so happy you guys got to have a night out! It is a wonderful present indeed. Couples need that time together from time to time, no matter how enamored we are with our precious children.