New York part 7...walking.
Our days in New York were non-stop this trip, not as leisurely as previous trips on which we had little real agenda. I was a little afraid that, what with the nature of the city in summer - its crowds and hectic pace, Q would be vastly overstimulated. Really, with the breakneck pace of our days, I was afraid we'd run her ragged.
But Q is a tough cookie, and has a lot more endurance than anyone gives her credit for. Not only did she do a fabulous job of keeping up and rising to all of our social occasions, but she seemed to have a blast while doing it.
Just this morning while scrolling through some of the photos I was editing, she pointed to the screen and said "Awww! New home! I want new home!"
The kid has always been a good traveler. She just is at home wherever she goes.

No martinis in this park, please.
One of New York's beautiful fire stations.
Always something, indeed.


Yoli said...

What are you talking about? She is the Wanderer's Daughter! Love

RosaMaría said...

beautiful!! thanks for sharing!

Loree said...

I think chiodren are more resilient than we give them credit for. I love that fire station.

Evelyne said...

Q est une citoyenne du monde.
Bon week end