Just so you know, though this may be the way people envision the town,Woodstock did not look like this when I was a child.
These stores capitalizing on Woodtock's rock-n-roll mythology are relatively new.
For those who don't know, the Woodstock concert did not take place in Woodstock, but since it carried the town's name, this small upstate NY town has lived with its history ever since.
For what it's worth, Woodstock does hold claim to plenty of rock and roll history which (unlike the concert itself) did actually take place here. Even longer and more storied, however, is Woodstock's history in the fine arts. My mother (and my father before his death) have been a part of that artistic history.
While changed in some ways, Woodstock has fought hard to maintain its small-town nature, and it is still a lovely village. Some of the new additions - like this wonderful hat store we found - are quite delightful.

Outside Oriole9, one of the best "new additions" to the Woodstock community.
Drinking Saratoga springwater on a hot summer's day.

One of the many monuments that are landmarks of my early childhood memories.


Amanda said...

cool blog and great was fun to follow along on your trip.

glad i stopped by

Yoli said...

I saw you dressing Mike don't deny it! Proof! LOL. Love the pictures, I wish I could hug Q's skinny little arms, they are so cute. Her shoes are darling where did she get them?

Mike looks very handsome in the hat, good choice. You are rocking a huge dimple! Adorable. I don't know how I never noticed until now.

chrissie said...

I can't wait to see more shots from the trip! It looks like you guys were pleasantly busy! Loving the new hat look for Mike, I know you will be "borrowing" it :)
Miss you guys! XXOO

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Yoli, the shoes are from the clearance table at ABC carpet & home. There was just one pair, and they happened to be our size! Lucky us.