A little break from NY photos to post these heart-rending shots of Q asleep that I took with my iPhone this afternoon.
New York threw off Q's sleeping schedule by a couple of hours, and since our return she (usually a relatively late sleeper) has been waking at the crack of dawn. We spent the mid-morning today having a delightful guided tour of our beloved botanical gardens, thanks to my husband's parents, who have old friends in town from Jerusalem. Though the weather was lovely and dry, relatively cool for August, the strong Colorado sun got the best of Q, and after we stopped for a takeout lunch from a local Italian deli, she passed out cold in the car on the drive home. Grapes are among her favorite foods at the moment, but she fell asleep before she could consume her bounty.
Often, when she falls asleep in the car, she wakes when we lift her out to carry her to her bed. But today she was so tired and overwhelmed by her early morning and botanical tour that she barely twitched when I lifted her from the car and carried her to bed. I didn't have the heart to undress her, and here she lay for the rest of the afternoon. Is she not so very beautiful when she sleeps?


Simply Mel said...

Love these photos of the peaceful princess!

Daan said...

Enjooying and loving all your NY photo's!!


Justine said...

Love to take pictures of my daughter when she's asleep too. I could spend hours watching her sleeping.

kenza said...

oh so lovely! thank you for sharing these moments. truly precious!

Yoli said...

She is beautiful always. Thank you for sharing such tender pictures.

Yanyan said...

sweet Q.

FDChief said...

Dear Babe, that sleepest cradled by my side,
Whose gentle breathings, heard in his deep calm,
Fill up the interspersèd vacancies
And momentary pauses of the thought!
My babe so beautiful! it thrills my heart
With tender gladness, thus to look at thee,
And think that thou shalt learn far other lore,
And in far other scenes!