New York part 6...

FAO Schwarz and beyond...
Q remembered the big piano from last year, and was dead set on having another go.

FAO Schwarz today bears little resemblance to the FAO Schwarz of my early childhood memories...wooden sailboats, exquisite dolls with steamer trunks, a sort of Kennedy-era haven of elegant childhood from another time...but it is still, well, FAO Schwarz. You just can't NOT go. Q, also, is less covetous than I was as a child, and can spend hours searching for just the right single toy (generally something quite practical and unassuming) to strike her fancy.
Rooftops of the Plaza.
And Bergdorf's fabled windows. Particularly good this time, I thought.
For dinner, back in little Italy, footsore and ravenous, we got the last patio table at Sal's, a tiny (and I mean miniscule) and entirely unpretentious eatery just off the beaten path where we got excellent service and even better pizza margherita and pasta puttanesca.
And QQ took to dancing to the vintage '80s tunes that drifted through the patio doors.
Playing "telephone" with daddy.
To much hilarity all around.
And finally dancing with mommy as the meal winds down.

Fresh nougat! I passed it up, and am still regretting that decision. Though I did indulge in two entire cannoli, entirely decadent considering the amount of dinner I had just consumed.


Yoli said...

These are by far my favorites. I still remember last year when she picked a bucket of snakes as her toy of preference.Love the family atmosphere of the restaurant, the dancing. And of course, the Plaza shots. As you know I have a love affair with that place, no matter how much it has changed.

Guusje said...

OMLord, I would love to visit NYC some day!
Haven't forgotten about you dear friend, just busy over here.
Love your photo's and your work is stunning as always!
Big Appeltaart kiss from Holland,


NYC, Style and a little Cannoli said...

great post, cannoli's are always wonderful