En route to Woodstock...
We took the Amtrack train upstate again, because it's easier and a lot more pleasant than renting a car. We had less than two full days to spend with my mother, Q's YaYa, in Woodstock, since she was in between returning from a lengthy fly fishing trip to Iceland, and driving north to the Adirondacks to a weekend with friends.
Q was thrilled to see YaYa at the Rhinecliffe train station, but by the time we arrived in Woodstock, Q had passed out cold after our first few fevered days of meeting and greeting in the city.
In the car, YaYa gave Q a small gift from the Iceland Air trip - a flight bag full of travel provisions, which lit Q up!
Once rested and cleaned up, my mother served us a typically artful lunch of homemade curried chicken salad and fresh blueberries, decorated with flowers from her beautiful gardens.
Q then had the much-anticipated honour of helping to feed the fish in the ponds.

Emma, my mother's Australian Sheepdog, was there to help out.


Yoli said...

How sweet, she must enjoy her grandmother's company so much. Looks like a magical place, I love when you feature it.

kenza said...

Oh Maia! I love this post. The photos, the words... so serene and so much love in this simplicity. Thank you!

Loree said...

What beautiful memories for you all. Q is so cute. Why is it all kids spread themselves out so much whn they are asleep?