Yesterday during the first Friday art walk, we stopped in to the über-cool Studio Bini kids store which, to our delight, recently moved into our neighborhood, among the galleries and antique shops on Tennyson Street.
Q picked up this awesome bowling pin hat. You've also gotta love their retro-gas station coveralls here.


kenza said...

What a classy young lady!
(I put up a quote on my post today I think you may like)
Many kisses to all!

Yoli said...

She looks so graceful Maia.

Cara said...

She looks so mature for her age, it's amazing. An 'old soul'.

rosanguyen said...

I'm amazed. LOOK AT Q, I don't remember the last time when she looked so feminine! As opposed to her tomboy look.
So adorable.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Clearly (based on the comments) she was channeling someone far, far less goofy than her actual self in these pictures. She was subdued due to a bad cold, hence the appearance of precocious maturity and graceful femininity that everyone is perceiving. If you could see her put an oil funnel on her head and snort with laughter, or try to undress in public, you might not find her so mature. That said, yes, she does have a singular grace that is entirely unstudied.