Q on a recent evening out on the town.
Can I just tell you how madly in love I am right now with summer, life, family?
Dress handmade by The Measure, btw, and beaded shoes (which she has finally sized into) a gift from a friend.
Getting the paper with daddy.
And, a kiss.

Ice, magical, mystical ice.
In the first shot, she is iPadding the newspaper...trying to make the stories scroll with a swipe of her finger. Oh, these techno kids today!! In the second shot she has given up and is finally learning to "turn the page" by hand.

She found a hubcap. As far as Q is concerned, found hubcaps are photo ops. Can't really argue with her there.


Di said...

Summer does indeed look beautiful! I love the little dress. And the photo of the newspaper scrolling is just hilarious.....thanks for making me smile on a Sunday morning.

sk said...

ipadding the newspaper! ha! too funny. Also, I love that dress! She is so adorable.

Evelyne said...

Tu sais que les premiers textes étaient écrits sur des rouleaux(qui pesaient parfois 10kg) !!!
Q est magnifique.
Sa garde robe doit être impressionnante !
Belle semaine.

liza said...

Oh, she's charming! I love the first Friday photos, too. We've never actually made it to a first Friday, I'm embarrassed to say. So hot here today, but I'm not complaining! Summer is finally here!

nath said...

absolutely love the dress!!!!

Marie said...

De l' estéthique du graphique!

Daan said...

Great dress!

Yoli said...

I got the same dress for Sally when you linked me to that shop. It is honestly so beautiful yet so simple. The strong graphics makes it perfect for photography.

The Q looks so grown up Maia. More beautiful, if that is possible, lately. It is hard to believe she is still just 2.

Mlle Paradis said...

oh too funny - i-padding the newspaper! the dress is wonderful and so graphic. looks great on her!