A little thank-you to Fei An, from whom a lovely package arrived in the mail today!
Q ghasped in delight when she saw the flowery pants, and hugged the package to her chest.
She wanted to put the outfit on all by herself, though mommy helped with the ties ;)

Here she is trying to show that she is wearing the tags as bracelets ;)She was furiously signing "thank you", though she was moving her hand so quickly that it just came out as a blur on'll just have to imagine it.
Lovely outfit from Fei An's collection, Naive Days.
Q says Thank You auntie Fei An!!


Fei An said...

I am so happy to see this:)
Dear QQ, you are very much welcomed!!! Auntie Fei An dressed kind of like this look when I was little:)
The cloth seems a little bit bigger on Q, however, Q can use it to next summer:)
Dear Maia, may I use a picture of Q to my post?

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Of course, Fei An, feel free to take whichever pictures you like for your blog.

Marie said...

The daisies would be a fine print for a tissue!
What a joy on the faces of Q.

Yoli said...

That is such a beautiful shirt and the pants are adorable. Ms.Fei An has a success in her hands.

Mom-Friday said...

The top reminds me of a traditional Chinese 'cheongsam' with frog buttons on the side, and it looks so smart and elegant! Q looks cool and pretty!

Yanyan said...

Q looks so lovely in them! Fei An, you must be so proud!

alliot / iza said...

So pure. Q is charm in Fei An's beautiful designs.

Geisslein said...

oh I LOOOVE the clothes too...I would like to wear it by myself ;o)
Your family-adventures are always so wonderful it must be to still have parents...and your mum looks really great!
hope your weekend will be a very lovely one, full of laughters, hugs and kisses! greetings from sunny germany, geisslein

pve design said...

Everyone needs an Auntie "Fei An" in their life!
Lovely printed pants and white tunic tops...I would love a package like that too~ Q looks so thankful.