Camping photos from the Great Sand Dunes by Mike and my mum:
There was a forest fire raging just three draws away from their campground...
...but it didn't stop the girls from having their fun.
Q digging in the sand with her cousin Victoria.

The great sand dunes rise as high as Denver's downtown skyline, but it's difficult to get a perspective on their height from most vantage points.
Q and her LaoLao.

Chasing after her cousin.
In the evenings, the sky looked like this...
...and like this.


Guusje said...

Wow, those sand dunes look amazing. I miss some hills around here ;-)
Have a lovely sunday!
X Guusje
PS. Loved your little wolf in Uppercase.

Daan said...

They are back and it looks like a great trip!! Happy sunday!

Di said...

It looks beautiful! I really wanted to go when I was in Colorado but it was a long drive by myself over 2 days from Boulder so I went to Valley of the Gods, Manitou Springs etc instead - but I do wish I had gone to the Sand Dunes now!!

Yoli said...

What a wonderful time they all had!

Justine said...

It's an amazing place!