Hula hooping at the icecream shop yesterday afternoon (appropriately, after dinner we went home and watched The Hudsucker Proxy).
Q loves her hula hoops...
...and gets very creative when faced with an entire stack of them.
The dress was made for her by our friend Hayley, who is a wonderful seamstress.
I love the old, battered slide that they imported this season. know, for kids!

ps - these photos were all taken with my iPhone...I'm a belated addict to that device.


Yoli said...

Wow with your iPhone! Those are great shots. That might become your new camera when on the run. I do not have one yet, still waiting for our carrier to carry it.

The dress looks wonderful on Q! It is such a lovely regal dress.

alliot / iza said...

I always adore Q's figure, slim and slender ... but i don't know she has muscles (from the last set of pics)! She has such a beautiful form ... she is a born athlete.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Alliot, yes those muscles! That's just how her body is built. She is indeed a natural athlete, in both mind and body.

liza said...

They were having a hula hoop contest there Friday night, but we couldn't stay!

Silver Strands said...

Great, great FUN pictures!
Just found your blog and really enjoy it!