I guest-posted the story of our adoption over at the wonderful world of Willie and Henrietta today...go check it out!


Yanyan said...

Maia, I don't want to be cheesy but I cried when I read your story on willie henrietta. And I don't think the tears are because of my pregnancy hormones...I am deeply touched... Q had a sad start but destiny brought her to you and your husband, your love, your hearts and your kindness has changed Qiu Qiu's life. I do feel there is a special bond between Qiu Qiu and I, maybe it is because of we came from the same region. ..Much love to you all. You guys are wonderful.

pien said...


and what a luck and joy for the 3 of you!
so good that q now has wonderful strong most caring parents who love her like 'crazy'

thnxx for sharing bits of you lives with us