Christmas with my husband's family.
Here, she is playing the piano with her grandpa. 
Opening gifts with some of her cousins.

Making puzzles with cousin Rebecca and her daughters.
Activities in the kitchen as dinner is prepared.
With our friend Stephanie, from France, whom the Q adores. Stephanie and her husband bring us good champagne and a buche de noel for our holidays each year.

Q's grandma and Rebecca carving one of the turkeys.
My husband and Stephanie's husband (chef at a superb local French restaurant) working on the gravy, and the children's table, where the littles had a chance to decorate Christmas cookies.
Cousin Abigail painting icing on cookies.
The kids making decorated pastries with the help of aunt Lisa.
Stephanie and me with a blissed-out Q.


Yoli said...

Sweet. All the children are beautiful and I love Ms.Q's pink booties.

alliot / iza said...

Happy new year my dear Maia and little Q!

Michele said...

What a sweet way to enjoy the holiday.