Sigh...I still haven't had time to edit that special Christmas post I have for you. But just so you don't think I'm sitting around here twiddling my thumbs...I've been working hard this week on a few jobs, including this commissioned doll in her windy-day hat. I'm very proud of how she turned out! She's off to her new home tomorrow. 
Meantime, we all went to the special Christmas presentation at the ice rink tonight, where we got to watch some wonderful performances AND go skating with Santa! It was a blast.


yaminoute said...

RRrrrooo..quelle magnifique petite poupée..!!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Merci, merci! Je rougis ;)

Knoopjes said...

Love the doll!
Would you please take some time to enjoy the season!?
Wish you a very happy christmas!

Yoli said...

Your dolls dear Maia are sheer magic. Very fortunate those that get to own one. Hope you are enjoying the season if a bit tight for time. I want to see pics of sweet Q skating!