Q's hand-painted Christmas cards drying in a doorway.
 She has quite a graceful hand, don't you think?
If you tilt your head to the side, you can see that she's painted the letters of her name into some of these. One of the others is a deliberate "rorschach", although of course she doesn't know the history of this type of imprint.
And in case you're wondering, the framed Mao-related magazine covers on the walls are pages from Mao-era magazines (Life, and others of the time) which I bought from used book vendors during the years of our adoption process. I'm an occasional collector of '60s print publications, and in all my pre-adoption research and reading on China, its history, philosophies, religions etc, I could not resist these. 
I remember the moment very well because we had just bought this house. My husband was working as sous chef for a prestigious restaurant downtown, and I was prepping, painting and furnishing the house on my own over the course of several weeks...all the while daydreaming, naturally, of the unknown child who would occupy the fourth bedroom at some undetermined time in the future.


Yoli said...

They are lovely Maia and how nostalgic you must feel around referral time. I always do. I dreamed of my child while putting her room together and often wondered how the child would change the place. It is such a difference between what I did and what has become.

Anyway..stopped by to wish you a Happy New Year to you, Mike and Ms.Q!

Jeanne-ming said...

Happy New Year my dear ones,

The Christmas card by Q, top left hand side, looks astonishingly like the Chinese character for long life done by a master calligrapher from Nanking.

I love you two so much and even from this far away, I love to peek into to your beautiful creative happy life.

Kisses and hugs and Happy New Year!

liza said...

Happy New Year, Maia!

kenza said...

Wonderful! Have a lovely new year sweet Maia and many kisses to all!

Evelyne said...

Bonne et heureuse année à vous trois.
Q a un certain sens du tracé et de la couleur (une future Louise Bourgeois).

Fei An said...

Happy New Year, Dear Maia and QQ, and Pappa:)

I am so happy to know your girls better through this blog in the past year of 2011. And I am so happy to see Q is growing up to be a big girl everyday with her loving and creative parents. All my best wishes, big hug, much of love from us.

Yanyan said...

Happy New Year dear Maia Mike and Qiu Qiu!