Every year around the holidays I get inspired to compile little collections inspired by the style of my parents or grandparents (each famously stylish in their own way). 
This year, time permitting, I'll do one of each. 
This one is my grandparents' style, as reinterpreted by thoroughly-modern me (wink-wink)

My French-born grandmother, the designer in the family and a superb cook, loved Greek and Roman artifacts, beautiful ethnic patterns, tapestries, and classic ablutions. My Dutch-born grandfather was a successful inventor, a world-famous engineer,  and a great fan of Buddhist teachings and ham radios.

1. The Pendleton plaid weekender bag, at Urban Outfitters
3.The Met store's snake bracelet
4. John Robshaw Jaggery quilts and shams
5. Head of Youth sculpture
7. Hergé's classic Tintin au Tibet
8. Roman sandaled foot, again from the Met
9. Screen printed radio transmitter ties by Toybreaker (ties that don't suck)

ps - If my grandmother had a color, it would be Farrow & Ball Etruscan Red


Yoli said...

That is a lovely compilation. You have one of my childhood favorites in there, Tintin au Tibet, I have it in Spanish. Good interpretation of your family favorites. I really like them all. Selections from the Met are always dear to us.

Oh and that headder Maia! STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!

kitchu said...

i am loving your ancestry. they sound like such inspiring people!