We didn't spend much in New York. A Yankees cap for Q. A placemat from the Natural History museum that features the periodic table of elements. A bag of snakes...but that's another story for another post ;)

I bought virtually nothing for myself this time around. I wish I could attribute this to virtue, but really it has more to do with the fact that we had only a day and a half in town and every minute was action-packed! We squeezed every ounce of adventure out of every minute we had in the Big Apple, it being the Q's first time in The City.

Not a single item of clothing did I consume...and this is rare indeed! I'm actually rather proud.
The one and only thing I did purchase for myself is this little camel. I simply could not resist. And I treasure it.


Charlie said...

I think you did good, it sounds like you spent your day well and did quite a bit. I love the camel- is it a textile or print?

Yoli said...

Well, you savored every minute in my favorite city. I can't wait to see more pictures of Q. Please tell me you took her to the Metropolitan!

TheBeautyFile said...

Oh, I love this camel!

Maia said...

Charlie, it's a print. But wouldn't it make a great textile?

Yoli, we took her to the steps of the Met...which is as close as we could get because we were there on a Monday! Sadly our Sunday was eaten up by travel delays, so no Met for us. Very sad. But we may be back at
Christmas so we'll have another chance.