I have to apologize for posting nothing but photos of my daughter this week...but time has been even tighter than usual, between getting the online shop up and (hopefully soon) running, and preparing for our trip to New York.
I promise to diversify once again as soon as we return from the East Coast.
In the meantime, I give you this: Pictures of the Q with any hairdo other than her natural (yes, it's all-natural - not manmade!) pixie cut, are rare indeed. It might be related to her erstwhile fear of hats, I'm not sure, but she has a strong aversion to hair devices (one can hardly blame her) and usually has a band or clip out and across the room in under three seconds.

I'm not sure why she stood for it on this occasion, but I think she was making a special effort of will because we were heading out to meet Daddy for dinner downtown.
I think she actually intended to wear the hairspout to the restaurant. Unfortunately her resolve vanished before we even made it to the car.
Still, at least I got some pictures.


FDChief said...

I love her look in the lower snapshot. If that doesn't say "Aarrrrgh! IstillHATEitbutI'mdoingitforDADDY!" I don't know what does.

The funny thing is that Maxine loves "hair pretties" and asks for them specially, but then gets bored or impatient with them and pulls them out. Her hair ends up the same every day, so if we want to capture the pretties it has to be first thing.

Merisi said...

With her hairdo, I would live happily ever after too! :-)
Best wishes for your trip, can't wait to see pictures from the East Coast.

Summer has been hard on my blogging time too, with very little time left visiting other bloggers.

Hila said...

She sounds like she has a strong will - I like that :)

Amber said...

I have so very much enjoyed reading your blog these past blogs. You are obviously a beautiful and strong family, with so much light shining from you all. Thank you for the inspiration.

Palmer and Co said...

Ha! Love her expression in the last shot!

Jeanne-ming Brantingham said...

I donno Maia, the PIRATE t shirt might also be an indication why the young warriar Q doesn't like "bing bongs" in her hair. ( a wonderful chinese expression which means "popcycle" and my aiyi used to refered to all hair pretties.

Thanks for you comment on Exceeding Joy. The reason I love you? You understood Uncle Tu's Bad trip was about me and not the bird.

lovepics said...


Patsy said...

Keep sending photos of her. I would like to follow her and you through the years.


rachel said...

hehe, reminds me of alfalfa from the little rascals... although, of course, your daughter is WAY cuter.