Bear Creek Canyon, a fun road to drive in my husband's new car ;)
A little morning road trip to the mountains on a particularly hot summer's day.

Lair o' the Bear Park, just up the road from the tiny canyon town of Idledale...isn't it a wonderful name?
Q likes birds.

An enchanted spot.

Testing the waters, still chilled with the runoff from the snowy high country.

Stripped to the waist, hip-deep in a very cold stream, and not even batting an eyelash. She's a trooper!

My girl. Sometimes her beauty nearly stops my heart.


Jeanne-ming said...

Totally enchanted post. She IS beautiful.

lovepics said...

elle a grandi!
she's a real demoiselle now!!
so beautiful!

Merisi said...

That enchanted spot looks truly magical! You are both great troopers. ;-)

FDChief said...

Little Q under the willow tree makes me think of her as Alice, dreaming by the streambank unmindful of the adventures to come.

You both live in a lovely place...

MODsquad said...

Oh, those water pictures are beautiful! Gosh, she is so cute!

Jeanne-ming said...

i love this post and keep coming back to it. I just realized what it reminds me of: did you ever see the movie Fairytale, a True Story. It is one of my all time favorites and there are scenes that remind we of these photos of QQ.