Yoli said...

Oh I love this collage!

Jeanne-ming Brantingham said...

Maia, Yoli, I think we should meet. I confess when I am in busy airports I always have an eye out for you two. I missed Maia in central park by two weeks! I feel our orbits drawing closer. I a got feeling.

My ai yi used to say in pigin chinglish..."Wooh! Ming! I feelings in my hairs!"

Translated, it meant..."dont sneak up from behind me and steal candy or i'll kick your butt and you will starve for ten years! or, "I got eyes on the back of my head and you wont get away with anything!"

Charlie said...

Gorgeous collage! You look stunning holding your precious Q. I love that bridge it holds so many memories. Thanks so much for sharing these photos!

(I got my first kiss on that bridge!)