This post is for Nath of mimimouse, because a recent post of hers reminded me of this illustration of mine, which was, in turn, inspired by my love of the formidable, delightful, fantastical mice from The Nutcracker ballet.
Also because my daughter so loves the star-covered scarf that I recently received from her delightful shop. "Star" is one of the Q's favorite things to sign, thanks to her affection for the "twinkle, twinkle" when she saw this scarf, it was an instant favorite of hers. Thanks, Nath!


nath said...

You're definately not going to get that scarf back by the look of it... thanks for all, I'm glad your little munchkin likes it.

Charlie said...

She loves "her" new scarf! I still love it when I sit watching my girl pack her bags, as she returns home, and I see my things go with her:-). It makes me smile :-) Why exactly does that please me so? Mothers and their daughters it's a beautiful exchange.

Yoli said...

The scarf is lovely. Is she attached to a blankie? I am enjoying Q back in her chair!! I bought bloomers like those from Valerie. I think they are so cute.

Can I ask for a request as a faithful blogger? A spread of Q in all your hats. I think I would just die from the cuteness!