The giant blue polar bear, and a mural of Colorado's own Jack Dempsey...two of downtown Denver's pieces of public art.

The polar bear outside the Convention Center is hands-down my favorite work in our fair city. I am so very fond of him...the wistful way he peers in through the multi-story windows, his blueness and awkward size which make him seem melancholy, misunderstood and just faintly embarrassed. Maybe it's that I always felt like this as a child - a giant, awkward outsider always looking wistfully in through the window at the rest of the world.

One of the first (and still one of the only) hot days of the summer.

Q kickin' it Denver-style.

Bubbles in the Civic Center park.


lovepics said...

love this huge blue bear!!!
and the pics of you & Q are beautiful (comme toujours!!)
bon dimanche

Anna said...

denver is such a cool city. i visited for the first time last summer and i fell in love with the downtown library!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Anna, great point...the Denver Public Library features some mural work by one of my all-time favorite contemporary artists, Ed Ruscha!
I don't get to that library as often as I should, since we have a branch library two blocks from home, but man was I excited when I first learned that Ruscha had painted the main library!