One of my all-time favorite illustrators: Mathurin Meheut.
His pencil studies of animals are one of my greatest inspirations as an illustrator.
And he was rather dapper, to boot! Just look at that well-groomed moustache, and whatever you call that fancy contrivance around his neck!
I did not know of this book, a series of illustrations from his travels through Japan, but saw it on utchi no mawari today and am currently coveting it.


Yoli said...

The illustrations of the Lion are gorgeous. Must investigate the book. He is indeed a dapper fellow with his crabat.

Juliette said...

You know my Dad's family lives in Brittany. I just love everything from there.
If you like the book (that I need to check too) you might also like this one that I really enjoy.
Have a lovely weekend!

Lonnie Hanzon said...

Yoli is right, it is a crabat, not a jabot. What amazing work -"exagerate the essential, leave vaugue the obvious"
I love your illustrations of course - they are full of emotion and skill.
When you brought up a challenge, I immediatly thought of a story my friend and banker, Leslie Mitchell told me of a party in the park of 4 year olds - green grass, blue sky, and the children all running like a swarm with little solid colored kites. Is that charming or what! I would never have the skill to illustrate that, but you do. So it is yours.

Ribambins said...

funny, I was about to write about it but juliette mentionned it first. There are great chances you will like it.
enjoy the Week end.