This week, Q's class had a field trip to the neighborhood firehouse. 
Q adores school. She thrives on it. When the weekend comes, she pines for school. A vacation or long weekend is no prize to her. She is a social animal. She loves her friends.  She loves the order and strictures of school. She loves the learning system. She thrives on it. That's her ECE teacher, Mr. Sanford, on the right. She worships him. He is a terrific teacher, and we are lucky to have him.
 This shot was taken by my husband of the whole class lined up outside the firetruck docking bay. Q is on the far right.
 Immediately after posing for that group picture, Q dashed out, grabbed the camera from Daddy, and joined the parents in the lineup for photographing her fellow classmates.
 She loves being in the role of photographer, much more than the role of model. She adores the feeling of being behind the lens.
 Starting with this shot, all the rest of the pictures in this post were staged and taken by Q.
 Her "boyfriend", Jayden.
 Her friends, Adreanna, Bella, Noah, AJ, and Oscar.
 Teacher's assistant Ms. Patty with Jayden, Tatiana and Aysiah.
They are so cute. And I love how Q got the best out of all of them for her pictures. She has a real talent there. 
I love these last two photos most of all, because they show the Q in her natural role, directing the action, with everyone else hanging on her every word. 
That's Q in a nutshell. Believe that you are in charge, and everyone else will believe it too.


Anonymous said...

I really like your blog:)Great pics and so much inspiration..I wish you a lovely week.
LOVE Maria at

Anonymous said...

How big is she since the last time I visited your blog!
Growing lovelier every day
And by the way LOVE her outfit
Barbara from Argentina

Jeanne-ming Brantingham said...

I mean, what to say...She is the Boss...I would follow her too.