We had a beautiful pre-Valentine's dinner at our friends' house, place-settings gorgeously-styled by Bella, the oldest daughter.
 Q and Bianca at the table.
All of the girls seated for dinner.
After dinner, the younger girls got themselves dressed up in belly-dancer outfits for a bit of a dancing session. Q's was a combo of tablecloth/princess. She still looked rather dashing, I thought!
Cupcake break!
Two little bellydancers.


Aztechan Pettus said...

Maia and QQ!
Who would we rather be celebrating a day of LOVE with? Nobody, but you! Thanks for committing photography in such a lovely way, always!


Aztechan & The P3 Girls~
Bella, Sasha and Bianca

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Love you, P4 girlz!!!! Thanks for being there for us! xo