Mini & Maximus spring collection, Rock, Paper, Scissors is up and online!
They artist collaboration series features my Crown Owl and Unicorns designs in various styles. 
Go check it out!

ps - If you order one, don't hesitate to send me photos at maialarkin at gmail dot com! I'd love to see it on your little one!


Daan said...

Wooohooo looking great :-)
congrats, dear Maia!

Anonymous said...

Just purchased my unicorn and crown owl tees! Love them Maia! Nicole

Horseartist said...

Are there adult sizes? I want a shirt with crowned unicorns on it!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Sadly, no adult sizes. Mini & Maximus only makes clothes for kids :(

Yoli said...

I bought both, I just missed out on the owl sleeveless. So I bought the one with short sleeves. and I managed to snag the sleeveless one in the double unicorn. They are so cute!!!