The contemporary art museum is our home away from home, especially when daddy is working a lot.
A bonus this season is that they have decided not to take away the homing pigeon installation, which means that Q can still visit our erstwhile guest, Buster the pigeon, when we go.
 Q has become quite fond of the pigeons, and likes to chat with them on the roof.
 One of the lovely things about Colorado weather - even with snow on the ground, you can often walk around in your shirtsleeves and feel the sun warm on your shoulders.
 The pigeon-keeper is easygoing, and often lets Q into the pigeon coop to take portraits of the birds. She took these.
 And of course we always spend plenty of time in the craft room.

 It's just such a great space. There isn't a corner of it that you don't want to inhabit.
 The bubble room is a great exhibit for a four-year-old as well.
 She has all sorts of games to invent in there.
 Like an especially cool clubhouse for one.
 As per usual, it feels like we have the place to ourselves.
 My very favorite museum.


Mlle Paradis said...

What a gorgeous lanky girl you've got. Hope it's a good '12 so far!

Marie said...

beautiful Q!

Yoli said...

This is such a cute look for Ms.Q, well one of many. I love the stars on her leggins and that adorable top (where did you find it?) and the soft pig tails. What I like most is her utter joy of visiting the museum. She looks completely in her element like you.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Yoli, she's wearing a Harajuku mini shirt and leggings, and a faux fur vest that she's had for a while, don't remember where from.

....... said...

nice museum! and Q looks so beautiful! i have to say that Colorado weather makes me envy you a little !;)