This weekend, we stopped by the winter faire at a school we would like to get into.
 It's a bit of a magic place, full of wonders, as you can see by Q's expressions here, as she explores it for the first time.
 There were many crafts on offer at the winter faire - the first we tried was dipping our own beeswax candles. I love the look on her face when she concentrates deeply.
 So proud of her creation.
 Next, we were on to handmade felt crowns.
 Q was thrilled to see her friend Sasha singing in the chorale, and had to run up on "stage" for a quick hug.
 Is there anything sweeter than the voices of children raised in celebration of the season?
It was a good day. Fingers crossed that they can find a space for Q at the Waldorf-inspired Mountain Phoenix Community School.


RDYN! said...

The Christmas cheer has definitely been through here. And sounds amazing as o what activities Q has been doing.

kenza said...

Yes! I hope your wishes come true about the school. Sounds like the perfect fit for lovely Q.

Cara said...

I hope they find a space for Q. Waldorf and Waldorf inspired schools are the best!

Yoli said...

Is this the international school you wanted her to go to? I hope she gets a spot. Those pictures are adorable.

FDChief said...

From what you've told us of her I suspect that QQ would do very well in a Waldorf-type school. She certainly seems very thrilled by the hardscape there...