And the process begins.
 Tree in the house, Q in her (second favorite) holiday dress, candy canes unwrapped...

 Everyone pretty stoked for the start of the Christmas season!
(Behind her, daddy is downloading Christmas movies.)
 Drumming with candycane drumsticks.
 Vibrating with excitement.
 A little performance break... make good use of her twirly skirts!

 The ritual unraveling of the lights.

 Daddy lights the tree.
 And Q ceremoniously prepares the star for the top (no, she's not smoking, that's a candycane.)
 And places it atop the tree.
We saved the rest of the decorating for daylight, but this is a quick shot of Q's first viewing of Frosty the Snowman.


Flotsam Friends said...

Love it! I can totally feel the mood from your gorgeous shots. Prux

Fei An said...

I can feel her Happiness! Big girl now:) Just becoming prettier and prettier. Have a great start of a new week!

Yoli said...

We are all riveted by her. Thank you for sharing. I think back at that first Christmas and she has grown so much. Beautiful warm images.