I have spent the past couple of "movie night" at home making this doll, at the request of my daughter. 
My daughter does not like dolls. 
She doesn't want to keep the doll - I think she just wanted to see me make it. 
She holds very firm on the stance that she does not like, want,  or need dolls. But she wanted to have a hand in designing this one. She dictated the size, hair color and thread color for the features.

 I keep offering to let her keep the doll, since she has been so instrumental in the design, but she declines. So the doll will be in my shop once we decide how to dress her.


alliot + iza said...

Cute details! Lovely hair!
Q is a great stylist.
Looking forward to see the finished style :)
Wish you all a wonderful new year!

Lorraine said...

Q designed the doll to look just like her! It is adorable.

liza said...

Wow - that is a great doll! You have such talent!

Jeanne-ming said...

ok, so I have a theory...just a hunch....maybe Q is really wondering if you will sell the doll or keep it despite her protests.

OH! and the word verification is Aunt!

Yoli said...

The doll is lovely and you should leave it on her shelf. Not as a doll to play with but as a work of art she help create.