It's beginning to look a lot like....
 Holiday preparations! 
And Q is getting in the spirit...busily, all over the house!
 Even the fishes get a dose of her holiday sparkle.
 One of her three advent calendars is taped the the chalkboard wall (along with a few other random things) and she checks on it from time to time to say which holiday activities are scheduled for today.
 When the baking was done, and we'd had ample portions of Daddy's homemade bolognese, we bundled up for a trip to the tree yard.
 Yup, it's that time!
 Q was a fan of the miniature trees, but we ended up with a medium sized and very fragrant Noble.
 Some ambitious folks in the 'hood have already been hard at it.
Mike carries the tree up to the house.


Cara said...

Full of spirit and coziness! And I can't stop looking at this amazing dress on Q. May I ask where you found it? Lea loves everything that sparkles :)

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Cara, it's actually an apron, meant as a shiny "layer" over any outfit, but of course our little Mowgli of the Jungle prefers to wear it over nothing ;) Fortunately it covers a lot! It's from Juney Bloom

Cara said...

Merci Maia! It did look like the shape of an apron, but Q's brought it to a whole new level and it looks just amazing as a dress. I love that type of dress shape. You two make up one amazing style duo!

Yoli said...

I agree with Cara you two make an amazing style duo. JB has gorgeous clothes.