Did you know that one can buy ladybugs at the garden center? 
 We didn't, until a neighbor told us where to find them. 
Q has had a bit of a thing for ladybugs lately, and she was giddy with excitement when, at the end of a sunny spring day, we set out to release them.
 The face of anticipation.
 2000 ladybugs.

 A three-year-old just makes the world so much more magical.


Elisa said...

awww you are right, children open our eyes to see the world from their perspective.

I love her outfit and the photos of the flowers and with Dad.

FDChief said...

She looks entranced, and very gentle with them. Nice.

Strange - in the downtown of our little St. Johns district - we came across an entire tree planter full of ladybugs. The children adored it, but I was fascinated, trying to figure out where the heck they'd all come from...

Yoli said...

Ahh how magical it all seems through the eyes of a child. I love her expectant gaze with her delicate little hands to her chin. I did not know you could buy ladybugs at the garden center.

Di said...

What a beautiful post! I love ladybirds too!

My friend just posted on Facebook that the excitement levels (they also have a 3 year old) were reaching bursting point in their house because they now had a fish tank - regardless of the fact there are yet to be any fish in it!

As you say - 3 year olds make the world even more magical than it already is!

Jeanne-ming said...

Love that last close up with her Papa.
Now that's magical!

la fille de la plage said...

yes !
I just want to keep my three years old eyes on life,
thanks to my children,
thanks to all the children I meet
here, with your Q
or in real life !
enjoy your day !

kenza said...

Oh my! Oh my! all this pink and lady bugs too! I just love your little Q!

Ling said...

i love how she's not even a bit timid when it comes to ladybugs, frogs and even a gigantic mutant dinosaur.

great idea dressing La Q in fuschia. she totally pops in these photos.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

lol This is actually her choice of outfit. She'd be dressed in head-to-toe fuchsia every day if we let her (that's if she was forced to wear clothes at all).

Merisi said...

Yes, through the eyes of a three year old the world is magical, especially a happy, much loved one like Q.