Oh, the irresistible allure of the icecream truck!
 Have you never seen a person so excited about a snow cone?

 Beautiful Denver. I love living on the high plains. You can always imagine what it must have looked like when herds of buffaloes roamed here.

 Our favorite secret lake.

Playsuit by Thais et Thibere.


Elisa said...

that photo with you and Q on the lake is spectacular. love your dress!

Yoli said...

I love her excited little face. I could pick her up and kiss her! Which I am glad you did in a subsequent shot. Maia truly lovely pictures you both look like you are in some magic place all to yourselves.

ChantaleP said...

Mm.. is that a snow cone? Yummy! I love Q's one piece.. the photos you took here look straight out of a storybook. She is soooo tall! Tall and beautiful, just like her Maman.

kenza said...

Precious! All of them! Happy to see you!

FDChief said...

Don't you look fetching in your candy-cane dress? Tho I have to say, I like the "mercenary chefs" T-shirt that Q's daddy is sporting. Mad, bad, and culinary to know..?