Many cousins and a birthday...
this was our brilliant afternoon at the country club with much extended family!
 Q and her beloved paternal grandpa...seriously, look at the size of her eyes! Unreal.
 My husband and his lovely mother, who is responsible for organizing so many of these delightful events. I know, she looks to young, right? Can you believe she has eight grand children??
 Me and The Inimitable Q.
 The birthday girl, our cousin Kim! Q wanted to be near her, hoping that some of the birthday magic would rub off on her.
 Kim and her boyfriend/restaurateur Colin.
 Q likes to blow out other people's b'day candles. That's just how she rolls.
 Our beautiful niece, Victoria!
 Cousin Kim was generous enough to share her birthday cheesecake with Q.
 Our friend Audrey and our Aunt Colleen.
 Q and Daddy on the putting green.
 We are not all that into golf, but the Q loves any sport, so putting practice was right up her alley. She practiced her putting until dragged out kicking and screaming (figuratively).
 Q would like to play golf (or "happy golf" as she calls it) again sometime soon. 
Preferably "RIGHT NNNNOWWWWW????"
 Passed out cold in the Eurovan on the way home. It was a big day for a little Q.


marion said...

enjoy happy family!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

lovely day and last shot of Q passed out in car seat was priceless,,

kenza said...

Oh lovely! hum... golf... she just does it all! Wonderful!

Elisa said...

how fun. happy bday to the birthday gal! your Mother-in-law is young!

is it me, or does Q look taller? it's like she stretched these past few weeks!

Yoli said...

Beautiful Maia, and look at you how sexy!!! I do think Q is a true sportswoman. She is a natural at any sport she takes up. The eyes are unreal.

Victoria is grown up!!!!! She is a gorgeous child.

CdP said...

Oh !!! Happyness!