A whale of a tale!

I know, I know, my illustration blog has been poking its nose into our Q blog a bit recently. And I do apologize. But my work has been so much a part of our daily lives of late that I just can't help myself. 
We have all three been at the silkscreen shop (as Q rifled through the clothing samples, picking out her favorites, and the management nervously pointed out that maybe we wanted to keep our 3.5-year-old away from the presses...and the darkroom which, boy's club that it is, was decorated with a gigantic pirate flag, and posters of bawdy lasses in various stages of undress). At home,  I frequently emerge from my "girl cave" to consult either Q or my husband about an image or concept. And my husband, the business graduate in the family, is always crunching numbers and/or forcing me to consider practical issue like overhead and profit margins
In any case, it's very much a family affair, and as my work compounds and branches out all at the same time, it affects all of us. 
For instance, my daughter has learned that mommy is up before the crack of dawn these days, which has resulted in a number of experimental forays during which the Q wakes up at some random pre-dawn hour and comes thundering barefoot down the hall to see if mommy is up yet (read: ready to give her an iPad and some juice and get the day started).
I would not have anticipated that particular problem. But there it is, and we work with it as best we can.
In any case, what I meant to say is that this big fellow above (minus his illustrated border) will be appearing soon on some limited-edition jumbo beach-sized canvas totes in my shop. I will also have some tissue tees and girl's tank dresses on the way, so stay tuned! I can't wait to see the Q wearing one of my illustrations.


Yoli said...

I want a tank dress with that whale!

alliot + iza said...

Can't wait to see Q wearing your illustration!!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Yoli, ask and you shall receive! A whale of a tank dress is in the works ;)

Yanyan said...

I am super excited for you. I can't wait to see Q in your illustration! And it is wonderful to find a good printer. I am still looking here in San Diego!