Q in pearls and warpaint.
The pearls are mommy's, yet another lovely vintage nighty is thanks to Q's many generous hand-me-down friends, and the war paint is 100% genuine Q...via mommy's makeup drawer.


Yoli said...

Reminds of when Cael was playing with paint. Maia, these pictures are so beautiful and each feels like a fairy tale. She seems conjured up. There is always an element of magic in your images of the Q. When she grows up she is going to love this and see this as an act of love from her lovely creative Mom.

Jeanne-ming said...

Indeed Yoli!
Lucky Q! and imagine if she reads all these Cyber "aunties" who are completely besotten with her.

It suddenly reminds me of the little old ladies in American congregations who would send money and sometimes letters of support to our mission. I was always uneasy about this, but I canged my mind when the "funds" were accompanied by a personal note, especially if the writer had good handwriting and added lots of extra postage stamps. Even better when we kids would get a personal message from one of these ladies telling us how they prayed for us and thought about us and wondered about our life. Sometimes they would comment on newsletters my parents would send with grainy inserted photos of my brothers and I at various stages playing with the children on our street. (in fact my neighbors I now paint) They would say, "oh my, how tall you are getting" or "I like your hair short."
I was a amazed anyone noticed or kept track!

Anyway, there was a great mysterious and satisfying feeling to think that a complete stranger over in America has some interest in me. Reading those letters always made me stand up straight.

Jeanne-ming said...

maia, someday maybe a close up photo of Q's hands...i am dyin to see what her finernails look like. just a hint in this photo...they look hearty when her legs and arm are stringy...