Jeanne-ming said...

Maia, what a back! Are you tall? Seems like it.

And in a week, Q grew. Especially her hair in the back.

I had a little niece born tonight in HK. It is the first girl born into our family since my daughter, who is 28! I am the only girl amoung many brothers, and my father had five brothers and one sister...all to say, a girl in the Brantingham's is a VERY BIG DEAL. So I am celebrating in my studio tonight and still celebrating your return and good news.

Jeanne-ming said...

Guess what! Baby's name is Miya! pronounced Me-ya

A Maia and a Miya!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Jeanne-ming, congrats on the new niece!! Always a joyful occasion. We are mostly girls in my family - actually ALL girls on my mother's side for generations!

And yes, I'm tall - just under six feet! It was a curse during my childhood, but it's not so bad now!
As for Q, I'm afraid to measure her these days, she grows as such a dizzying rate. I think if I just sat and stared at her for a while I could actually see her get taller!

Jeanne-ming said...

Ahhhhh. Now it makes sense to me.
My sister in law--Mariko is also, "almost 6 feet" and my brother is 6'3" Mariko's papa is 6'9" and so I think it is quite likely that Miya, despite her tiny Japanese mother and grandmother will also close in to 6'.

QQ--the sight of her just makes me beam.

Yoli said...

Look at those two lovely ladies!

Charlie said...

Maia, that is one gorgeous top and you look amazing in it! Is that a vintage top? It is lovely.

Q is growing so quickly:-) and she looks so adorable wearing that hat.