I love daisies. I don't know what it is about them that cuts right to the heart of me. In spite of my various love affairs with exotic flowers (peonies and ranunculus among the top few), I always come back to daisies. Maybe it's the nodding, shifting fields of them, crisp and fresh, full of light and shadow, that occupy the meadows of the Colorado highcountry in late summer. Maybe it's just their innocence, their artlessness, their lack of pretense. But oh, do I love daisies.

This photo is from one of my favorite Vail hiking trails, perhaps one of my first regular hikes, one that I fell in love with during my first hectic year living in the Vail Valley, and which remained close to my heart throughout my fifteen-plus years as a resident there.

These days, I miss daisies growing wild - and when I see them in nurseries or tended gardens here in the "city", I always stop and grow nostalgic.

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Merisi said...

I love the wild marguerites which grow in meadows here. They look like daisies, only longer stems.