So, things have been a little crazy around here since we returned from San Francisco, and I have only just realized - eek! - it's the last day of February!
I don't know how this sort of thing sneaks up on me. But at least this time I have a bit of an excuse. Our beautiful daughter goes in for her second major cleft surgery next week, which means that since returning home we have been running between pre-operative appointments with various doctors, and generally trying to arrange our affairs in preparation for the always-difficult recovery period.
The good news is that if we're lucky and all presents as it seems, this surgery and recovery may be much easier on Q than the first one. The closure of the palate was a very long surgery (4 hours), and the cartilage involved takes quite a long time to heal. The poor kid was very uncomfortable for the better part of a month afterward, and as a result we all got precious little rest.
If her palate looks good once she's in the operating room this time, this surgery could be simply to complete the closure of the cleft in her lip, involving only skin and a little muscle. This would heal relatively quickly and would be much less painful for her in the process. We're all keeping our fingers crossed! There's nothing more difficult for me than seeing that sweet, happy, sunny creature in pain.
So....long story short, please forgive me if the blog is in a bit of chaos for the next two days as I try to clear out my "red and pink" folder and transition to the next color set. I don't even have a banner made for March yet! I will try to get my ducks in a row quickly, but until then...happy 28th of February! Winter is in its last days. OX - M.


3continentfamily said...

Wishing your beautiful little Q much luck and a speedy recovery...

Geisslein said...

I cross my fingers for you that everything will be fine soon!